Remarkable Content

Welcome to the Age of Storytelling.

Information is all around us. It’s on our phones; it’s on our computers; it’s on our TVs, our tablets.

The problem is--there is too much information and a shortage of stories.

140-character blurbs and hash tags have brought back the power of the story. Like never before, the ability to tell a story that floats in the sea of information that we are all drowning in is true power.

So we are in the business of telling stories.


We reject the traditional training systems that throw information at employees like buckets of water, meaninglessly saturating them, making them more prone to sink in that sea of information.

Tell them a story.

Give them content that makes them laugh. Give them characters to follow. Give them a story.

They will remember it. They will be inspired and engaged--like human beings.

Don’t train them. Monkeys are trained.

Inspire and engage them and they will float. Your business will be better for it.