Remarkable Community Builders

The most expensive coat hanger I’ve ever bought was a treadmill.

Every organization that we’ve worked with has already invested tens, hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars into failed software, failed learning systems, sales systems, intranets and extranets.

They tried to build; they tried to buy; they tried to force people to do things that they didn’t want to do and for all the wrong reasons.

It’s a waste of money and a waste of one’s life.

We looked at why so many failed before us and what was required to guarantee success.

And part of the formula for us is our dedicated and always growing team of Community Builders. They are there, not to help you "implement software", but to build a community, to build a tribe.

Building a forum for collaboration is easy, making it work, a bit more complicated.

At first, people are afraid of new things. Even the members of Gen Y, who love Facebook, aren’t sure that they are ready to share their ideas or feelings at work.

The first day of summer camp? Everyone is nervous, no one talks, everyone wants to go home.

Add sunlight, activity and AMAZING camp counselors, and at the end of the session, no one wants to leave.

Your workforce will be its most effective when it is a community. When it has unlocked the power of WE and left behind ME.

Because collaboration is rarely strategically cultivated.

Our Community Builders are intimately involved on the Pulse 4.0 social learning platform and it is their sole responsibility to generate a productive community--to tease out best practices and to promote them until they become standard procedure.

The community builder leverages interpersonal connections while simultaneously reinforcing them by generating conversation and monitoring discussion to maximize the efficiency of the social learning platform.