Pulse 4.0 Learning Reloaded

Learning Management Systems don’t change behaviors; they tick boxes and produce reports. Intranets are cluttered file drawers that have glass to break in case of emergency.

Training departments don’t spend time in the field, with the customers, with the real-world challenges that show up at peak times in a store.

Human Resources isn’t responsible for sales and profitability, and the sales team isn’t on the hook to make sure that staff are prepared.

Suppliers don’t understand Retailers and the opposite is also true.


And someone, somewhere, is doing something remarkable in one retail location, that if you only had a way to identify, share and recognize, you wouldn’t have to worry about what your customer reviews are going to look like tomorrow.

Organizations are still trying to teach millennials with 8 hour sessions and giant manuals….

It’s broken.

Pulse 4.0 is a purpose-built retail social learning, communication and collaboration platform designed by experienced individuals that know how to deliver remarkable customer experiences as a retailer or as a supplier to retail.

Yes. It does everything that you’d expect from an Enterprise Learning Management. Competencies, Curriculum, Courses, Assessments, Reporting, Content By role, Content by need, Content rating, Ranking and Sharing.

Yes. It also does everything you’d expect from a social system: Best Practices sharing, forums, feedback and discussions, favorited topics, notifications and updates, connecting people of similar backgrounds and interests and providing an opportunity to build a culture - a tribe, not just a staff.

Yes. It does everything you’d expect from an Intranet, but in a way that actually delivers results: content that is accessible by tag, by rating, by performance topic, that has an end-of-life scheduled and history.

And it does so much more.

It puts your managers in a position to lead, not just manage. It provides better insights for one-on-one reviews and gives them the opportunity to improve their employees lives, not just their jobs.

It transforms commercial relationships, integrating supplier content and learning opportunities seamlessly.

It is the only successful path we’ve seen to transform clerks and sales staff into relationship builders.

And it’s mobile. Desktop, Laptop, iPhone, Android, Blackberry (yes, even Blackberry).

And we have a dedicated team that makes it work for your organization.